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Expressing yourself as a student is important especially through fashion. Always remember that you must project yourself well, wear the right clothing, footwear, hairstyle determines how people perceive you. Many companies also look for students who dress up well and ‘look good’ during an interview. Always remember, FIRST IMPRESSIONS COUNT! 

Fashion and good dress sense will make you feel confident about yourself, to talk, speak, discuss, share ideas and to interact with other people. It is also an important way for you to stand out amongst others and your peers. 

Here is the objective for fashion and to dress up well:

  1. Increase integrity and credibility
  2. Projecting yourself to be a winner
  3. Create self confidence 
  4. Shows identity and personality

In SMART College, you are required to dress appropriately for classes, remember to wear a presentable shirt with long pants, and to wear shoes to campus. 

“Dress the man you want to become”

Here are some examples on what to wear to Campus for the student:

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