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In order to achieve SMART College’s Vision to create visionary leaders, the Student Affairs Department organizes many sports clubs and sporting activities every year to encourage students to develop inter competitiveness, improve a healthy lifestyle, release stress, relax and enjoy social recreation. The types of sports include futsal, football, handball, netball and others. 

SMART Sport is one of the platforms for SMART students to:

  1. Develop teamwork spirit 
  2. Builds mental and physical toughness 
  3. Improve soft skills – Teamwork, Leadership, Time management, Handling pressure and responsibility 
  4. Create competitiveness to compete with other college during inter college sport day. 

The organizing committee hopes that by encouraging our students to participate in sports, this will help develop yourselves for a better future. Companies are always looking for all-rounders who are not just academically smart but also excel in other areas such as sports and activities! We also hope to see you represent SMART College too in the Inter-College Games (MAHSISWA)!  

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