The Face of Sabah 2020

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The Face of Sabah is a one-week program to introduce the Sabah Culture to all staff and students. The students and staff are going to have a lot of fun activities throughout this one-week program. They will be introduced to the traditional game, traditional food, and other information regarding Sabah Culture. This program also helps to build the relationship between the staff and students. 

This event is one of the efforts of the Student Affairs Department in engaging with the student and all the staff of SMART College as well as to encourage everyone to explore and feel Sabah’s culture especially. The main objective for this event is:

  1. To introduce the Sabah’s culture,
  2. To bridging racial gaps with each other
  3. To strengthen the spirit of Unity
  4. To accomplish the goal of the idea of 1Malaysia.


Performance Sabah Singing from our Student

For this program, it is conducted in order to introduce to all about the specialties of Sabah culture especially in terms of traditional dance, food, clothing, language, and other. This program also encourages all staff and students to enjoy the Sabah food and music that will be provided. All the faculty must join this event especially on Friday because we have to cook “pinasakan”. Special prizes are given to the winner during the event. 

Lastly, this program was going well with the help from MPP and also Sabah’s student itself. Some of the students request to do more in the future. They enjoy all the activities especially with the traditional food and music from Sabah. Plus, other students from other states can adapt with Sabah’ culture and it is easy for them to communicate and interact with the students from Sabah. Meaning that all staff and students can adapt very well and enjoy “The Face of Sabah”.

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