Traditional Arts, Crafts and Trades of Malaysia

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These are some of the traditional arts, crafts and trades which are well known in Malaysia. They keep us connected to our roots and build our cultural identity. While some of these crafts stand strong against the tests of time, others are faced with challenges as their artisans struggle to keep the cultural heritage alive. Here are 10 traditional arts, crafts and trades you should know.

  1. Wau

Meet Pak Shafie, the legendary kite of Malaysia, as he guides you through this forgotten tradition. Learn how to make your own Wau Bulan before sending it to soar majestically in the sky. 

Wau bulan is the name given to Malaysian Moon (the word “bulan” meaning moon in Malay) and is unique to the state of Kelantan. Along with the keris and the hibiscus, wau bulan is considered as an iconic symbol of Malaysia’s culture and traditions. Larger than other traditional kites, the wau bulan is richly decorated with floral motifs and bold colors. Pak Shafie is one of the last wau bulan makers remaining in Malaysia, having been in the trade for more than 50 years. To him, each Wau is not only a unique work of art but also a reflection of the maker’s heart that can show his subtle mastery over the craft. 

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