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Christmas Celebration is a one-day program to introduce the Christmas Festival to all staff and students. The students and staff are going to have a lot of fun activities throughout this one-day program such as Caroling, exchange gifts, and some other games that involve students and staff of SMART College. 

This event is one of the efforts of the Student Affairs Department in engaging with the student and all the staff of SMART College as well as to encourage everyone to see and feel Christmas vibes especially for the students who stay away from their beloved family. In addition, this event is one of the platforms in order to create a good relationship and also to introduce to all students and staff about Beautifully Christmas especially to those are non-Christian friends and family outside there. 

This program is conducted virtual and also physical. For physical activities, this event was held at Student Hostel No 24. All students, especially those who stay at the hostel (Sabah & Sarawak) and some staff joined this event. Some preparations like foods, dessert, fruits, and other foods were prepared by our students. On the other hands, virtual activities were via google meet for Christmas Caroling, and prayer conducted by our student named Calvin Allson Joannes. 

This program was going well with the help from staff and also the student itself. Some of the students request to do more in the future because they really enjoy all the activities that we provide to them along this week especially exchange gift’s activities. They enjoy all the activities especially with the food and also the gifts. Plus, other students from other states can adapt and understand with Christmas’s vibes.

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