Chinese New Year Week 2021

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Chinese New Year Celebration is a program to introduce the Culture of CNY to all staff and students. The students and staff are going to have a lot of fun activities throughout this program. They will be introduced to the traditional game, food, language, the origin of Chinese Culture, and others. This program also helps to build the relationship between the staff and students. The activities that we run for the whole week are “Teka Makanan Chinese”, Quizzes, Traditional Dance such as “Tarian Kipas and Tarian Naga”, and many others activities.

The purpose of this celebration is to introduce to all staff and students either SMART Student and also SPA students about Chinese Culture of the year. In addition, it is also one of the efforts of Student Affairs Department in engaging with both students and staffs of SMART College as well as to promote Chinese’s culture to everyone. As for information, this Chinese New Year 2021 is designated as “the year of ox“one of the 12 animals of Chinese Zodiac. Animals is a symbol, sign and also to characterise that year. Chinese New Year is the most important annually recurring festival for people of Chinese all over the world.

The program is conducted to introduce to all about the specialties of Chinese’s culture, in term of history or background of Chinese New Year, main dishes, the meaning of color, gifts and many other information. It is also providing enjoyable and exhilarating experience to staffs and students to know more about other cultures. All staff and students are allowing to join this program especially the quizzes about Chinese History, singing competition and creating a short video/v-log in order for us to accomplish the objective of the program.

This program was going well with the help from staffs and also student itself. Our student request to do more activity in the future. Add some fun activity which can attract more student to participate because they really enjoy with all the activities. All staff and student also can adapt very well and enjoy with “CNY Celebration 2021”.

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