Ronda-Ronda Kuala Lumpur 2021

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This program is introduced to develop student engagement and actively participate in Student Affairs activities. Kuala Lumpur is one of the biggest cities in Malaysia. There are many places interesting to visit in KL such as KL Twin Tower, Petronas Twin Tower, Kuai Chai Hong, Pasar Seni, Dataran Merdeka, and many more. Our beloved students named Adzwan Bin Mohammad and Deeky Syafi Wong are selected to become our host for this event. This platform also to showcase student’s communication skills and become a good speaker. 

Use public transport(MRT) to Bukit Bintang

This event is one of the efforts of the Student Affairs Department in engaging with the student with the help of CCD Department of SMART College as well as to encourage students to show their skills. Besides, to increase student confidence level to speak in front of other people. In addition, this event is one of the platforms in order to create a good relationship between students and staff itself. 

Kwai Chai Hong Kuala Lumpur

For this program, it is conducted physically. SA Department with the help of CCD Department brought our beloved student to “ronda-ronda KL” and at the same time to taste Malaysian Food and Beverages that are famous in the town. One of the popular foods in our country is Nasi Lemak. We have Malay Cuisines such as Nasi Lemak, Rojak, Nasi Dagang, and many more. Meanwhile, Chinese Cuisines such as Moon Cake, and also Indian Cuisines such as Tok Sai, Roti Canai, Ayam Tandoori and many more. We planned this event very well based on the planner. 

Nasi Lemak & Nasi Daun Pisang ABC Corner KL Sentral

Aroi Thai

This is a one day activity. All the interesting places that have been planned we went based on the time and planner. With the help of CCD, Ms Zulaikha and also the Registry Department, Ms Khaira, all the activity was going very well. All the accommodation and fees were sponsored by our staff. Started at 10am and we finished our activity at 10pm. And the feedback from our students was very good. Both enjoyed the activity because they can see and feel the new places, new environment, new places that they never saw before except from the television. They requested to do more and explore more in the future. 

KL Tower

This program was going well with the help from CCD Department and Registry Department staff and also the student itself. Our students request to do more in the future because they really enjoy the activity. The important lesson that we can learn from this activity is time management, communication skills, teamwork, and many more. But, with the teamwork from the student, this activity went very well. As we can say, “united we stand, divided we fall”.

Pavillion KL

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