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Terengganu Cultural Week is a one-week program to introduce the specialties of Terengganu to all staff and students. The students and staff are going to have a lot of fun activities throughout this one-week program. Interestingly, this program is collaborated between SMART College and also Security Plus Academy (SPA). This program helps to build the relationship between the staff and students. 

This event is one of the efforts of the Student Affairs Department in engaging with the students and all the staff of SMART College and also SPA (Security Plus Academy) as well as to encourage everyone to see and feel Terengganu’s culture, custom, and traditions. In addition, this event is one of the platforms in order to create a good relationship, to showcase students’ hidden talents, and also to introduce to all students and staff about The Specialty of Terengganu

This program is conducted via google meet and physical. This program also encourages all staff and students to enjoy every activity that is popular in Terengganu. All students are encouraged to join this. Students will be introduced to the traditional game, food, language, the origin of Terengganu, and other information regarding Terengganu Culture. 

The activities that we run for the whole week are Traditional Games such as Congkak, Wau Competition, Lucky Draw, singing, dancing, fashion show, and other activities in order to encourage students to explore and understand more about Terengganu’s culture. Tarian Joget, Tarian Zapin, and many more activities were held in order to experience Terengganu’s culture. 

This event was very special because it was supported by our new beloved students from SPA, CPO 16 and CPO 17. Their attendance was 100 percent. Our beloved students from CPO 16 and CPO 17 performed a short “sajak” entitled “Derita Ayah” with beautiful performance. They were very impressed with Terengganu’s culture and the dance performance. Ezral Syazwan SPA students from CPO 16 was sing a song “Sedetik Lebih” by Anuar Zain and “Bahagiamu Deritaku” by Hafiz Suip. All the event was going smooth as per planned. 

This program was going well with the help from staff and also the student itself. Our students request to do more activity in the future. Add some fun activities which can attract more students to participate because they really enjoy all the activities. All staff and students also can adapt very well and enjoy “Terengganu Cultural Week 2021”.

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