Singing Competition – “Tribute to Allahyarham Sudirman”

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This program is introducing to develop student engagement and actively participate in Student Affairs activities. The theme for this singing competition is Tribute to Allahyarham Sudirman and it is involved participation from students (SMART and SPA) and also the staff itself.

This platform is to showcase students and staff hidden talent especially to our SMART and SPA family. All staff of SMART College were joining this singing competition and shows their skill and creativity in singing. And few students were actively involved in this program from different batch. Interestingly, this event divided into 2 categories which are students and staff categories. But only 10 participants were competing in the final stage for Sudirman Singing Competition based on the voting and criteria that they meet.

Finalist Staff for Sudirman

Finalist Student for Sudirman

This event is one of the efforts of Student Affairs Department in engaging with the student with the help off CCD Department of SMART College as well as to encourage students and staff to show their talents and creativity in singing. Besides, focusing on academic session, so this platform is to release student’s mind and give some extra ordinary to them.

For this program, it is conducted physically and virtually. All of the audience from our students and outsider were joining us via google meet. SA Department with the help of CCD Department and other department such as registry has prepared lots of things in term of prizes, sound system, place, and other. Some students also giving their support by helping us to prepare and arrange the place for final stage before the event is start. One day before the events start, we have a rehearsal with the student to make the final stage become smooth.

Start at 18:00pm and finished our competition at 20:00pm. With the help and also the teamwork from other Department and staff, this program was going well even though at the early of the program we face so many difficulties especially with the connection and also the audience disruption. However, we finally can handle the events smoothly until the end of the events. More than 60 people were joining to watch the final stage at that night not including in the Robert Peel Hall itself.

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