Perlis Cultural Week

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Perlis is the smallest, north-most state in Malaysia. According to a Malaysian historian, Mohd Yusuf bin Adil, the name Perlis comes from the Thai phrase “Phrao Loi” which means kelapa hanyut (coconut washed ashore) since there were many coconuts found on the shores of Kuala Perlis. The phrase has been shortened by locals until it sounded like “pereleh” or Perlis. Perlis is not divided into districts like other states, it is divided into “mukims” with the main ones being Kangar, Arau and Padang Besar and Kuala Perlis. Perlis is ruled by the House of Jamalullail. Unlike other Malaysian monarchical states, in which the ruler is a “Sultan”, the Perlis ruler is called the “Raja”.

Perlis is filled with various cultures and many interesting foods and places. The program is conducted to introduce to all about the specialties of Perlis culture, food, clothing, fun facts and others. It is also proto ensure the college provides an enjoyable and exhilarating experience to staff and students to watch performances of traditional dance, fashion show, and music. Therefore, in accordance with the theme of Perlis Cultural Week, we had carried out various activities and games to shine some light on all the exciting things about Perlis. 

This program was carried out for a whole week from 24th MAY -28th May 2021. To get in the spirit of Perlis culture, we had decorated Level 3 and Robert Peel Hall of the college with Perlis’s colours and posters. As we had to ensure the activities done complied to the Covid-19 SOPs, we had conducted most of the activities virtually. We kicked off the first activity which was the Food and Beverage Competition. In this activity, we had the students send in videos to share how to prepare the famous dishes of Perlis which included the ever-famous Pulut Harum Manis. Based on these video submissions, we picked the best videos as the winners.

The next activity that we carried out was Perlis cultural dance activity which included Tarian Canggung and Tarian Ayam Didik. Tarian Canggung is the traditional dance that is usually performed in Perlis to celebrate the harvest season. We had trained a small group of students and staff for a week to master the dance. We then had a recording session for the dance in order to showcase the performance during the closing ceremony. Other than that, we also had two games carried out to engage students in knowing more about Perlis. The first game was Perlis Pictionary, in which students had to guess the pictures presented. The pictures included famous spots, famous people and famous dishes all related to Perlis. The other game was Perlis Trivia, in which students had to answer trivia questions on We had picked the best three from both games as the competition winners. 

The closing ceremony for Perlis Cultural week was done virtually via google meet. We had set up Robert Peel to be the broadcast venue. During the closing ceremony, we had a few students do a Fashion Show on Perlis Fashion. We also broadcasted the video of the dance performance and also the best videos of the Perlis Food and Beverage that were submitted. Lastly, we also announce the winners for all the competitions. All the students and staff were happy and excited to be a part of this programme.

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