Penang Cultural Month

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Penang Cultural Month Program is one of the yearly activities specifically to provide space for students to actively participate in co-curriculum in the college. For this programme, the college has entrusted MPP’s to manage the program and assisted by the Student Affairs Department.

The program is conducted to introduce to all about the specialties of Penang culture, food, fun facts and others. It is also to ensure the college provide enjoyable and exhilarating experience to staffs and students to watch performance of traditional dance, fashion show, and music. Therefore, in accordance with the theme of Penang Cultural Week, we had carried out various activity and games to shine some light on all the exciting things about Penang.

This is Penang Cultural Month Program Tentative from 5th July 2021 to 30th July 2021. MPPs were given the task to organize and carry out all the activities for the cultural month with the assistance of Student Affairs and CCD. For the first week of this program, we carried out the Introduction of Penang by showing an introduction video on Penang that was prepared by the MPP on 9th July 2021. We also had those from Penang share on famous food and vacation spots in Penang. Some students also talked about their experience visiting Penang.

The second week of July, we had Penang Cultural week. During this week, we carried out various competitions from Monday to Friday. The first was “Cooking Competition: Penang Famous Food”. To make this program a success, students and lecturer had to submit cooking videos. Participants need to send their cooking videos according to their creativity before due date submission and need to cook according to the theme. The next activity was “Penang Famous People” video competition which students send into video that talks about famous people who are from Penang.  On Wednesday we carried out Penang Trivia which was hosted by Ms Nisha via Kahoot. The participants consist of students and staff had to answers questions which were related to information on Penang. On Thursday we had Penang Vlog on Famous Places Penang where the participants must send their Penang traveling video.  Friday we had Closing Ceremony for Penang Cultural Week.

During the closing ceremony of Penang Cultural week, we had the participants join our event through google meet. During the ceremony, we played videos from all the activities during Penang cultural month, the ceremony was officiated by Mr Alexander David Pon and we had singing performance by our students. We also announced all the competition winners during the ceremony. We continue Penang cultural month program with week three that includes Essay competition on Penang Historical Facts.

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